Nick Live!--Bring your whole family to Nickelodeon's Action-packed, fast paced, pie-in-the-face, over-the-top event filled with your favorite Nickelodeon games!

Characters in Cartoon Land-- Visit Cartoon land and you can meet SpongeBob SquarePants, Albert and Alberta, Brother Bear from Berenstain Bears and Much More

The BMX Stunt Team--Featuring high flying antics all day long in Sports Land.

Uncle Mike's Hug-N-Farm--Live petting Zoo featuring sheep, goats and more. Catch them all day in Animal land.

Florida Highway Patrol Safety Demonstrations-- Florida Highway patrol will provide safety demonstrations all day in Safety Land. They will have a roll-over car that demonstrates the importance of wearing a seatbelt, a police cruiser, and a free digital fingerprinting booth.

Shands For Kids--Visit Shands for Kids area to see safety demonstrations and obstacle courses from Shands.